Benefits of obtaining the CIMA qualification

For the student:

The CIMA qualification has been designed to satisfy the needs of business to produce financially qualified business leaders.

Obtaining the CIMA qualification will provide you with some of the key skills needed to work at the very top of an organisation. CIMA members currently work in a variety of positions including chief executive officers, chief finance officers, directors and business analysts.

Independent research undertaken by the Bath University School of Management in the UK compared the CIMA syllabus and exams with other major professional bodies and found that CIMA’s syllabus provides:

more management accounting

more business strategy

more financial strategy

The knowledge you will obtain will not only enhance your earnings capability but will also enable you to be involved in key strategic and management decisions.

For the employer:

Your investment in the CIMA qualification will result in your team being more motivated and knowledgeable.

They will be able to work on more complex areas of business as well as work efficiently with fellow professionals around the world both within and outside of the finance function.