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Audit and Assurance - Tailored Programmes

Our tailored Audit and Assurance courses can be designed around exactly what you require. Illustrative content which could be included in your tailored course is shown below.

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The Latest Audit Regime

The International Standards of Auditing have been redrafted (the “Clarified ISAs”). The aim of this redrafting is to make them easier to understand but some additional elements have been introduced.

If you are not fully prepared these ISAs could increase the amount of work that you need to undertake.

Anybody who works with ISAs or with an external auditor will benefit from a comprehensive review of the these Clarified ISAs.

The subjects covered include the key areas that have changed as well as identifying what will need to be done differently in the future.

This course is ideal if you’re either an external or internal auditor or alternatively an executive negotiating fees with the external auditor.

Ethics and Corporate Governance in Practice

Matching behaviour with values in the workplace is the key theme of the day. There is an increased focus on business ethics in the current business climate.

The Enron scandal and other “celebrated” cases have demonstrated shortfalls in the behaviour of executives and staff when compared with the company’s own value statements. Similar shortfalls can be seen in the actions of some third party advisers.

This course demonstrates through practical examples and scenario discussions the importance of personal responsibility and introduces the important ‘ethics toolbox’.

The course shows how you can take practical steps to reduce the risk of poor decision-making and better align the behaviour of your managers and staff with your corporate values.

Fraud Risk Management and Forensic Audit Essentials

Corporate fraud is hugely diverse in terms of fraudsters’ methods as well as their motives and professional profiles.

Fraud can be significantly damaging from both a financial as well as a non-financial basis.

This course is suitable for you if you are an executive, manager or internal auditors.

Attendance on the course will result in you obtaining a solid understanding of how fraudulent activities can be both prevented and detected. The course will also highlight to you how anti-fraud initiatives can be integrated into your risk management programmes.

COSO - ERM Models

No matter the size of your company or the industry you work in, as a member of management you will always be striving for efficient operations in your area of responsibility.

At the same time you need to maintain an orderly conduct of activities, ensure reliable and timely management reporting as well as preserve the professional behaviour of your team.

Is it possible to have all of this?

The answer is a definite “yes” and conceptual modelling using COSO-ERM will help.

This course will show you the key steps in developing a strategy for the successful implementation and running of an effective COSO-ERM model.

The Clarity Project: What’s in it for Auditors and their Clients

Complying with International Standard Quality Control 1 (ISQC1) is vital for the credibility of external auditors and their work.

The Clarity Project took 18 months to achieve a better benchmark for assessing the ISA compliance of auditors’ work creating the pre-requisites for better audits as well as satisfied auditors and clients.

What is it all about and how is this expected to impact auditing firms and audited companies in the future?

Enrol to this one-day course and get total clarity about the “Clarity Project”.

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