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Our portfolio of expertise covers all areas of financial training ranging from introductory financial awareness courses for non financial staff to high level corporate finance and banking courses for senior executives.

Our expert team have worked with many different audiences around the world ranging from graduate recruits through to senior board level positions. Each bespoke training programme is individually designed by us, working in close collaboration with the client to ensure that the programme is exactly what is required by them. Challenging, interactive but above all 100% relevant to adding value to your business.

Case Study #1: Designing a new 3 continent-wide training programme

A leading multinational company with operations in 3 continents wanted to implement a new company-wide training programme covering finance, sales & marketing and purchasing. A full Training Needs Analysis was undertaken by ExP at the corporate level with questionnaires designed and sent to over 500 individuals.

A series of group and individual interviews then took place and the results were combined with further tailoring alongside senior level executives. The outcome was the establishment of a long term tailor designed training programme by ExP with deliverables based around various clusters of business responsibilities.

Case Study #2: “Joining up” a multi-jurisdiction finance function

A multi-jurisdiction company with finance operations in different locations wanted to “join-up” its finance function. As part of the project a formal training progression plan was created for them by ExP. The course programmes flowed from financial induction courses for new joiners through professional qualification training to tailored post qualification CPD executive courses for the senior financial team.

All of the programmes were fully co-ordinated and delivered by ExP with the delivery being via a blended mixture of face to face components together with state-of-the-art virtual courses and purpose recorded hybrid components.

Case Study #3: Financial coaching for senior executives

We were approached by a European company to design a programme for a number of their senior executives who had limited financial backgrounds. These executives had been selected to work on business case projects for the organisation and would be presenting their findings to the main board of directors.

An executive level series of Finance for Non-Finance programmes and coaching sessions were created which combined benchmark financial language together with the specific financial terminology used by the client. The programme also contained coaching for the presentation of financial information in a group context.

Tailored Programmes - Illustrative Content

Our tailored courses are tailored to exactly what you the client want. Potential course content can be found below.

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