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Financial Management - Tailored Programmes

Our Financial Management courses can be designed around exactly what you require. Illustrative content which could be included in your tailored course is shown below.

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Strategic Performance Measures for Survival and Growth

Corporate performance management requires a range of inter-disciplinary skills that a manager will be expected, over time, to master. Starting with strategic planning issues this course addresses the sort of performance monitoring tools that companies (from basic to complex organisational structures) use to achieve and maintain high performance.

Attendance on the course will result in you obtaining a solid understanding of how fraudulent activities can be both prevented and detected. The course will also highlight to you how anti-fraud initiatives can be integrated into your risk management programmes.

Better Planning, Control and Decision Making

Behind any jargon there must be logical substance in everything we do. The purpose of this course is to give participants a framework for reviewing and implementing business strategies, including effective budgetary techniques.

This course demonstrates through practical examples and scenario discussions the importance of personal responsibility and introduces the important ‘ethics toolbox’.

The course shows how you can take practical steps to reduce the risk of poor decision-making and better align the behaviour of your managers and staff with your corporate values.

Cost and Management Accounting Developments

This course examines a range of managerial accounting techniques and related costing methods. The connection to budgets and budgeting processes is covered, as well as behavioural aspects.

The course is not overly technical and therefore appeals to a wide range of managers who may have an indirect, but nevertheless decision-making, role in corporate decisions that rely on management accounting outputs.

Spreadsheet Modelling Skills for Accountants

Spreadsheet skills are almost as important as using a telephone! This course is addressed to professionals and managers who require a good grounding in the “power of the spreadsheet”. That is, how to use it effectively and efficiently to structure models (cash flow projections, budgets, etc.) in the clearest most effective presentation formats.

Advanced Investment Appraisal

This course takes basic investment appraisal techniques to a more advanced level, examining additional ways to analyse the acceptance or rejection of projects (including acquisitions) in more complex situations, including international operations, foreign currency exposures and other risk areas which may be involved.

Cash Flow Essentials

The programme is designed to heighten participants’ awareness of the importance of cash, how to collect it quickly and the costs of not doing so. The focus is on working capital (receivables, inventories, payables) and its optimisation, as well as indicators (ratios) and their interpretation.

Performance Evaluation and Corporate Failure Predictions

Achieving successful business performance goes hand-in-hand with a candid assessment of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This course addresses such issues with a view to recognizing problems and adopting measures to avoid failure.

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