Treasury and Risk

Treasury and Risk - Tailored Programmes

Our tailored Treasury and Risk courses can be designed around exactly what you require. Illustrative content which could be included in your tailored course is shown below.

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Foreign Exchange Risk and Hedging

This is an intensive one-day course which covers foreign exchange instruments. As things evolve rapidly in the 21st Century, what should you expect next from London and New York?

Does your company face foreign exchange risks? Is your Profit & Loss affected by fluctuations in currency exchange rates? This course explains what foreign exchange exposure is and how companies can hedge (i.e. protect against) foreign exchange risks.

Interest Rate Risk and Hedging Opportunities

This is an intensive one-day course which covers interest rate instruments.

How many times were you in the position to negotiate with your banks for the best interest rates and how many times did this result in a profitable long term result for your company?

Learn how to understand the hidden mechanisms of interest rates as well as take advantage of the best hedging techniques.

Strategic Financial Planning and Emerging Issues

Financial management at the strategic level, especially internationally, has such wide-ranging ramifications for an organisation that it can no longer be the exclusive province of finance experts.

General management is increasingly obliged to become more skilled in the issues and techniques that govern the actions of large companies.

This course addresses a number of pertinent issues ranging from corporate funding, risk identification and exposure management (hedging) to corporate governance and image.

This is key knowledge for managers aspiring to rise to senior levels of responsibility.

Risk Management Essentials

This course identifies the technical aspects of risk management, including categories of risk and how they are measured.

It also considers implementation issues, which involve organisational structure and corporate cultural issues as well as the issue of “risk-mindedness” in an organization.

Advanced Risk Management Techniques

This course adopts a more managerial perspective on risk management, taking a longer-term strategic view on risk and issues of corporate governance. The relationship to shareholders (managing shareholder expectations) is examined in the context of such concepts as agency risk and moral hazard.

Business Valuation Essentials

This is an intensive introduction to valuation theory and practice and is appropriate if you have a limited financial background.

The topics covered will provide you with an understanding of why valuations are performed and how to read valuation reports.

Credit and Financial Analysis

Financial statements, if well prepared and complete, should tell a lot to a knowledgeable reader about a company’s strengths, weaknesses and ability to successfully continue in business in the future.

This course uses analysis techniques which help identify, prevent and address corporate and client risks.

Valuations for Acquisitions and Mergers - Advanced Techniques

This is a continuation of the ‘Business Valuation Essentials’ course and treats in greater detail some of the topics covered in the introductory part of the course.

In particular Discounted Cash Flows and Economic Value Added are covered. Emphasis is placed on the economic environment in which valuations are performed. Attention is also given to corporate strategy and to negotiation factors in the case of mergers and acquisitions.

If you have a basic knowledge of valuations you will benefit from the practical aspects discussed in this course.

Foreign Exchange Simulation and Interest Rate Hedging

This is an intensive one-day simulation course in which you can put your prior knowledge of foreign exchange and interest rate derivative products (forwards, swaps, futures, options) to work on exercises at both a group and individual level.

You’ll take part in a simulation of foreign exchange spot trading in which you have to keep a position and make trading decisions based on periodic news announcements.

The simulation will expose you to the type of issues and challenges which you would face in a real life situation of dealing with foreign exchange and interest rate  hedging.

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