Discover The Education Technology Available For Your Organisation

Online Learning

Develop your online learning strategy with industry experts by your side.

Online Learning

Exceptional online learning platforms to maximize the impact of your team.

Pre and Post Learning

Pre and Post learning platforms for the complete spectrum of EdTech.


Successfully implementing your vision

Work with the experts to ensure your eLearning vision for your organisation is designed and delivered in the most effective and cost efficient way.

  • Digital strategic analysis

We’ll partner with you to understand your corporate objectives and the challenges faced by your learners.

  • Digital strategic choice

We’ll map your learning objectives with the latest technology and design features available to ensure you get exactly what you want.

  • Supporting L&D initiatives

Once your strategy has been crafted we can support you with implementation initiatives spanning your LMS and online campaigns.

  • Awareness strategies

We can work with you on awareness and engagement campaigns to ensure your team are fully on board with your digital strategy.

  • Key Performance Indicators

We’ll ensure you have the real time information you require to measure the return on your investment in your digital strategy.

A student dressed in smart clothing excited to find the best online ACCA courses.
A laptop open with The ExP Groups website open ready for the search of the best online ACCA courses.

Digital Learning Technologies

Delivering your content using our cutting edge technology

  • The latest technology

Access the very latest cutting edge technology to fully engage your learners.

  • Experienced tech team

Our experienced in-house tech team create unique ePlatforms to fully satisfy your needs.

  • User friendly

Modern, interactive and user friendly learning experiences.

  • Fully responsive

Fully responsive platforms which work on PC, tablet and mobile.

  • On-the-go

Complete on-the-go micro and mobile learning experiences for you and your team.

Pre and Post Learning Platforms

Full pre-testing and post-evaluation technologies for you and your team

  • Pre-learning testing

Designed to stimulate knowledge and ideas already held by your delegates.

  • Competency benchmarking

Created to help your learners build on their existing base knowledge.

  • Competence based progression

Tailored competence eTesting and fully inclusive progression mapping.

  • Learner feedback

Built in progress testing provides learners with instant feedback on how well they are doing.

  • eCertification and badging

Tailored certification and badging available for your programmes.

An employeer looking at the post evaluation technologies on their tablet.

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