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Your complete course

Your CIMA Cert BA course from ExP includes all that you need to pass your exams.

  • Complete tuition stage video tutorials covering the entire syllabus
  • Complete practice stage video tutorials covering exam standard questions to ensure you are 100% ready for your exam
  • Focussed energisers and webinars to keep you on track for exam success
  • Learning reinforcement exercises for you to track how well you are doing
  • Exam simulation matching the CIMA Cert BA format
  • Your own unique personalised study plan

Outstanding pass rates

92% of our students that completed our full eLearning programme passed their exams (92% was an average of all our qualification courses over the last 2 years at the time of writing).

We’re very proud of our 92% pass rate but if you are unlucky and have a bad day at the exam we provide a full pass guarantee – if you complete your full course and still fail your exam we will provide you with another complete course free of charge.


Approved materials

CIMA approved Study Text and Exam Kits are included in your ExP course.

ExP is an independent company and is not tied to having to use an in-house publisher. We can choose to work with the publisher whose books we believe best complement our courses and maximise your chances of success in your CIMA exams.

Our focus is on you passing your exams.


Exceptional tutors

ExP utilise some of the very best CIMA tutors in the world whether they are full time ExP tutors or part of the ExP permalancer network.

Our focus is to blend exceptional tutors, CIMA approved materials and cutting edge eLearning platforms to enable you to pass your exams in an efficient and effective way as possible.


Unrivalled eLearning technology

ExP lead the way in terms of cutting edge Educational Technology products.

Our platforms are tailor designed by our experienced instructional design team to maximise the impact of your CIMA learning flow and ultimately ensure your exam success.

Our own in-house technology team purpose code our ePlatforms resulting in exam effective, flexible and cost effective solutions.


Full pass guarantee

“If you complete your ExP course, you will pass your exams.”

We are so confident of this phrase that in the unlikely event that you fail your exam after completing the full ExP course, we will provide you with another full eLearning course free of charge.

It’s as simple as that. No ifs no buts.

Hear what some of our successful students
have to say

The ExP courses were excellent. The key areas were summarised perfectly and the exam approach techniques presented during the practice stage were exactly what I needed. I watched the majority of the course on my iPhone during my commute to work on the train and the technology was spot on and never let me down. I’d highly recommend the ExP courses. 5 stars as far as I’m concerned!

I was impressed by the advanced learning solution provided by The ExP group. It was very simple, clear, rich and straight to the point. The practice lectures were amazing, supported by very strong and helpful exam techniques which contributes in helping students to pass the exams in a quite easy way. Very special thanks to the ExP staff, without your amazing efforts I wasn’t able to achieve such success.

I enjoyed the ExP courses a lot. The Tutors used great techniques allowing students to absorb as much information as possible in a limited time. I appreciated the business awareness and real practical examples that the ExP tutors presented during the course. The lectures were always fun and even difficult subjects were not that scary after a few lessons :). Thanks a lot to the ExP team for great job.

Thanks to ExP, my dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant has been fulfilled. I’m now fully qualified and the ExP group made it easy with their lectures, notes and tips. I’m eternally indebted to the ExP team. They made complex subjects understandable and really helped me pass my exams. It was ExP’s support and guidance that enabled me to succeed in the exams.

Excellent and thoroughly recommended. Have used the ExP courses for a number of papers now and passed all of them first time. The courses are great and easy to follow and cover all the key areas. Very thorough and at a good pace. Nothing more for me to add apart from “Thank you ExP and keep up the good work” : )

This was the first time I’d used online courses following a friend’s recommendation about ExP and I loved it. Passed F3 first time : ) The whole experience was very smooth from the registration through to the study and the mock exam. No complaints at all and loved the approach of the course. Thank you ExP : )


CertBA course fees

inclusive of all of the following:

  • A complete course
  • Learning Tutorials
  • Energiser  and webinar
  • Practice tutorials
  • Study Text
  • Exam Kit
  • Expert tutors
  • Mock exam
  • Pass guarantee
  • Personal study plan
  • Benchmark statistics
  • Progress tests
  • ACCA / CIMA approved
  • Outstanding pass rates
  • PC, tablet and phone compatible
  • Apple/Android compatible

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