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Complete Course with Full Materials - £178

Complete Course with Full Materials - £178

What’s included

Frequently asked questions

We’ve actually been around for over 10 years but up until recently our focus was on B2B accounts. For example, our clients have included accounting companies such as PwC, EY and KPMG, multinationals such as Diageo, McDonalds and Shell and Universities including Sorbonne university in France and the University of South Africa. We’ve now extended our courses to make them available to individuals so hope you like them!

Yes, our courses include everything you need to study for your CIMA exams. They include video tutorials for both the Learning and Practice stages, official CIMA materials including Kaplan Publishing study text and exam kit eBooks, tests, mock exam, tutor support, a personalised study plan and a full pass guarantee. Note that CIMA / Kaplan do not publish an exam kit for the CIMA case studies so for the case study courses we have a full analysis of the pre-seen you’ll be examined on instead of the exam kit.

We are a fraction of the price of the other reputable course providers and the reason is because we were specifically set up as an online provider. We wanted to use technology to get the very best in professional qualification education to students around the world. We have our own in house team of designers and coders which means that our portals are tailored exactly to what is needed and unique to us.

Most other tuition providers have their own staff so as well as the overhead cost they are forced to use them. We can shop around and pay top tutors a higher freelance rate without having to pay the annual salary.

We are adopting a clear differentiation approach by using the best tech and tutors. At the same time, we can use the cost leadership approach as we can pass the benefit of the cost savings that tech can bring to the student.

Yes, our CIMA courses include the official CIMA Study Text and Exam Kit eBooks from Kaplan Publishing. These can either be viewed on the screen side by side with your video lessons or downloaded for direct viewing. Note that CIMA / Kaplan do not publish an exam kit for the CIMA case studies so for the case study courses we have a full analysis of the pre-seen you’ll be examined on instead of the exam kit.

Yes, and our study plan is unique. We provide a personalised study plan which will learn from your specific study profile. It constantly adapts to your timing and style based on elements of artificial intelligence.

CIMA course fees

inclusive of all of the following:

  • A complete course
  • Learning Tutorials
  • Energiser  and webinar
  • Practice tutorials
  • Study Text
  • Exam Kit
  • Expert tutors
  • Mock exam
  • Pass guarantee
  • Personal study plan
  • Benchmark statistics
  • Progress tests
  • CIMA approved
  • Outstanding pass rates
  • PC, tablet and phone compatible
  • Apple/Android compatible

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Recent reviews

ACCA Tuition

I’ve used The ExP Group for my 4 most recent exams for ACCA and can’t speak highly enough about the level of satisfaction I have received from their courses.

I had to self fund a few of my earlier studies and came across The ExP Group when screening potential tuition providers due to their price point. At first, I thought “this can’t be right. This is too good to be true?” As the price was significantly cheaper than other providers …read more

Josh Lawrence

Recommended, good structured approach

So far used for ACCA Corp & Bus Law and Performance Mgt, with comfortable passes in both (81% in Law). I like the structure and the way the videos give a concise yet full overview of each chapter.

Given they’re pre-recorded the lecturer’s do an excellent job of getting the messages across with enthusiasm …read more

David Beadle

Study with exp

I have been using the exp study materials for a year now and the materials are great value, easy to use and helped me pass 2 exams so far. Customer service has also been great, any queries I have had have been answered super quick (even on weekends and bank holidays).

I have had a really positive experience so far and plan on continuing to use exp for the remainder of my studies …read more


Absolutely fantastic learning portal

Absolutely fantastic learning portal! I was struggling to get motivated with self learning but with The Exp Group 20-45 minute learning videos they explained things brilliantly.

Passed first time with my Audit and Assurance ACCA exam and have already signed up for the next exam learning with them …read more

Louise Ridyard


Great ACCA SBR course and really enjoyed it. Easy to follow and some difficult concepts explained really well by the tutor.

Tutorials, books and CBE mock exam all included and I was very impressed. Thank you EXP! …read more

Cristina S.

Excellent Tuition and Learning Platform

I found ExP because I refused to believe that the prices some tuition providers charge is a competitive rate. Deciding to give ExP a try, I thought I would have to accept a lesser quality of tuition but I was wrong!

I have passed a few ACCA professional papers now with ExP and I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere for my tuition.

Their courses are heavily focussed on passing the exams which is perfect for somebody like me who just wants to qualify as quickly as possible. …read more


Excellent Portal and Learning Style / Materials

Learning with ExP has been an excellent experience. I have been working towards my ACCA qualification with no previous accounting or finance experience and I have found the study lectures to be positioned at the right level. I like the ease of being able to study when life allows me to and the ExP portal is very well designed and laid out.

The different phases of learning (learning & practice) are a really good way of learning and have found ExP as an organisation really responsive …read more

Frizzy Dave

Best CIMA study course

Best CIMA study course. I was able to complete E1 within a month due to the content, the lecturer, generated study plan and the structure of the course. I am looking forward to completing my CIMA Qualification using EXP Group.

I would highly recommend any person looking to complete CIMA to use …read more

Wouter Viljoen


Operational Level

Management Level

Strategic Level

Your complete course

Your CIMA course from ExP includes all that you need to pass your exams.

  • Complete tuition stage video tutorials covering the entire syllabus
  • Complete practice stage video tutorials covering exam standard questions to ensure you are 100% ready for your exam
  • Focussed energisers and webinars to keep you on track for exam success
  • Learning reinforcement exercises for you to track how well you are doing
  • Exam simulation matching the CIMA CBA format
  • Your own unique personalised study plan

Outstanding pass rates

92% of our students that completed our full eLearning programme passed their exams (92% was an average of all our qualification courses over the last 2 years at the time of writing).

We’re very proud of our 92% pass rate but if you are unlucky and have a bad day at the exam we provide a full pass guarantee – if you complete your full course and still fail your exam we will provide you with another complete course free of charge.

Approved materials

CIMA approved Study Text and Exam Kits are included in your ExP course.

ExP is an independent company and is not tied to having to use an in-house publisher. We can choose to work with the publisher whose books we believe best complement our courses and maximise your chances of success in your CIMA exams.

Our focus is on you passing your exams.

Exceptional tutors

ExP utilise some of the very best CIMA tutors in the world whether they are full time ExP tutors or part of the ExP permalancer network.

Our focus is to blend exceptional tutors, CIMA approved materials and cutting edge eLearning platforms to enable you to pass your exams in an efficient and effective way as possible.

Unrivalled eLearning technology

ExP lead the way in terms of cutting edge Educational Technology products.

Our platforms are tailor designed by our experienced instructional design team to maximise the impact of your CIMA learning flow and ultimately ensure your exam success.

Our own in-house technology team purpose code our ePlatforms resulting in exam effective, flexible and cost effective solutions.

Full pass guarantee

“If you complete your ExP course, you will pass your exams.”

We are so confident of this phrase that in the unlikely event that you fail your exam after completing the full ExP course, we will provide you with another full eLearning course free of charge.

It’s as simple as that. No ifs no buts.

ExP are proud to serve some of the world’s
leading organisations

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