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PLATINUM Online Courses

From the only exclusively online ACCA Platinum level DipIFR tuition provider

Why 50,000+ students have trusted ExP

Outstanding pass rates

92% of our students that completed our full eLearning programme passed their exams (92% was an average of all our qualification courses over the last 2 years at the time of writing).

We’re very proud of our 92% pass rate but if you are unlucky and have a bad day at the exam we provide a full pass guarantee – if you complete your full course and still fail your exam we will provide you with another complete course free of charge.


Full materials

Complete materials to complement the video tutorials are included in your ExP course. Comprehensive and focussed on the DipIFR syllabus and exam these will provide you with all the support the need in your DipIFR studies.

Our focus is on you passing your exams.


Exceptional tutors

ExP utilise some of the very best ACCA tutors in the world whether they are full time ExP tutors or part of the ExP permalancer network.

Our focus is to blend exceptional tutors, ACCA approved materials and cutting edge eLearning platforms to enable you to pass your exams in an efficient and effective way as possible.


Unrivalled eLearning technology

ExP lead the way in terms of cutting edge Educational Technology products.

Our platforms are tailor designed by our experienced instructional design team to maximise the impact of your ACCA learning flow and ultimately ensure your exam success.

Our own in-house technology team purpose code our ePlatforms resulting in exam effective, flexible and cost effective solutions.


Full pass guarantee

“If you complete your ExP course, you will pass your exams.”

We are so confident of this phrase that in the unlikely event that you fail your exam after completing the full ExP course, we will provide you with another full eLearning course free of charge.

It’s as simple as that. No ifs no buts.


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