This is our story

We were born with one passion, with one aim, with one desire. To use technology the way it should be used. To use technology to open up education, and in particular financial education, to whoever needs it regardless of their income, wealth, race, sex, religion or location.

We wanted to use technology to empower individuals to develop themselves through financial expertise, organisations to improve their performance through enhanced human capital and ultimately communities and families to benefit as a result.

We’re on target and since our birth we have had the privilege of working with and learning from inspirational individuals and organisations from all 4 corners of the world in countries as varied as the UK in the north, Singapore in the east, South Africa in the south and the Cayman Islands in the west.

We’re only part way through our journey but we’re doing better than we expected. The best is yet to come though,

Education + Technology = Ethical Empowerment.

Thank you for being part of our story.