What is a part qualified ACCA?

What is a part qualified ACCA?

Embarking on the journey to become a chartered certified accountant through the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) pathway is commendable. Understanding the stages, including the “part qualified ACCA,” is crucial in navigating this path successfully.

Understanding Part Qualified ACCA

The term “part qualified ACCA” refers to individuals who are on their journey to becoming fully qualified ACCA professionals but have not yet passed all the necessary examinations. This status acknowledges the significant strides and knowledge they have already accumulated in the accountancy field. In simple terms, “part qualified ACCA” means that a person has passed some of the exams but nor all of them.

Moving Towards Full ACCA Qualification

To be a fully qualified ACCA, one must pass a total of 13 exams, though exemptions are possible based on prior qualifications and experience. Besides examinations, relevant practical experience is also part of the qualification requirements. Full ACCA qualification elevates individuals to a prestigious global community of accountants, opening up a world of opportunities and career advancement.

ExP’s Online ACCA Courses

Now make your ACCA journey smoother and more manageable with ExP’s Online ACCA courses. ExP’s comprehensive and flexible online courses are tailored to support both part-qualified and aspiring accountants aiming for full ACCA qualification. With expert guidance and resources available at your fingertips, balance your studies effectively alongside other life commitments.


Q1: What is Part Qualified ACCA? A1: It refers to individuals who have passed some, but not all ACCA exams and are on the path to full ACCA qualification.

Q2: What does Full ACCA Qualification entail? A2: Full ACCA qualification requires passing 13 exams and gaining relevant practical experience.

Q3: How can ExP’s Online ACCA Courses aid my journey? A3: ExP offers tailored online courses with expert guidance, making the path to ACCA qualification smoother and more manageable.

Q4: Are there specific roles for Part Qualified ACCA individuals? A4: They can apply for roles like accounting assistants, finance analysts, and more, demonstrating their growing expertise in accountancy.

Q5: How does full ACCA qualification enhance career prospects? A5: It provides global recognition, expansive career opportunities, and a platform for continuous professional growth.

Q6: Can I balance work and study while pursuing ACCA qualification? A6: Absolutely! ExP’s Online ACCA courses are flexible, allowing you to study effectively alongside other life commitments.

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