Benefits of obtaining the ACCA qualification

If you’re a student:

The ACCA qualification will enhance your career potential. It will increase your prospective earnings as well as provide you with a more flexible career, both in terms of the type of business sector as well as the geographic location.

Passing the ACCA is proof of your skills as a Chartered Certified Accountant and you will have an excellent knowledge of a broad spectrum of finance and accounting areas. You will join an elite group of accountants made up of over 500,000 students and members around the world and upon qualification as an ACCA member you will be entitled to use the letters ACCA after your name.

If you’re an employer:

Your investment in the ACCA qualification will result in more motivated and knowledgeable staff.

They will be in a position to take on further senior areas of work as well as become more internationally mobile and able to work efficiently with fellow finance professionals around the world.

About ACCA

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a global body for professional accountants. It was first established in London over 100 years ago in 1904 and is currently the World’s largest accountancy body. There are 154,000 members and over 432,000 students in 170 countries.

With a network of 83 offices and active centres around the world, the ACCA also have 57 global accountancy partnerships. Within Europe they are a recognised supervisory body for the purposes of licensing auditors and finance professionals in the European Union.

Amongst other key areas, the ACCA Qualification has a strong focus on professional values, ethics and governance. These are skills which are considered to be essential for today’s accountants as the accountancy profession generally moves towards an increased focus on professionalism and ethics.

In order to qualify as an ACCA member you are required to complete:

14 exams (a number are eligible for exemptions depending on your previous experience).

Relevant practical experience.

An online ethics module.

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