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Marketing and Sales - Tailored Programmes

Our tailored Marketing and Sales courses can be designed around exactly what you require. Illustrative content which could be included in your tailored course is shown below.

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Understanding Personality Part 1: The Key to Management Success

People have their own style and ways of doing things in business according to their unique personality and understanding.

If your job involves managing people and you want to improve your people skills this course will help you to identify the various personality issues that can assist you in your working relationships.

Whether you are a new manager or a more experienced one this course will help you become more productive and efficient when working with your team.

Individual and group interactions will be enhanced by the knowledge and skills you will obtain on this programme.

Understanding Personality Part 2: Advanced Steps in Management Success

This course is a natural follow-on for those who have begun their journey into understanding personality and wish to gain more information and detail about the subject.

It is especially useful for those with direct responsibility for staff and who want to further enhance their interpersonal and managerial skills.

This course demonstrates through practical examples and scenario discussions the importance of personal responsibility and introduces the important ‘ethics toolbox’.

The course shows how you can take practical steps to reduce the risk of poor decision-making and better align the behaviour of your managers and staff with your corporate values.

360 Degrees Management

How do people get to be excellent managers?

One approach is to observe others and try to replicate the best parts and avoid the bad. This course eliminates this uncertain way to become successful and instead provides you with a practical approach about how to effectively manage people around you whether they are peers, superiors or subordinates.

Your success depends on your staff and your boss. Once you know how to manage both you are in an ideal position to progress your career.

Transition from Manager to Leader

You may have the word Manager in your job title but find that Leadership is talked about as something beyond managing and even more desirable.

There are no shortages of challenging opportunities in business today and some of the old leadership methods and techniques have been replaced. Leadership doesn’t have to be about your position; it is about an attitude.

During this course we will guide you through the difference between managing and leading to help you make the transition from manager to leader.

Managing and Motivating Generations X & Y

In today’s workplace we have more generational groups than at any other time.

We may be managing people across an age range from 16 to 65. Each one of these generations has its own needs and values which you, as a manager, need to know about in order to get the best out of each of them.

Managing Managers

An interactive course built around the concept of leadership versus management, providing insights into different leadership styles and emotional intelligence in leadership.

Participants in the course will learn about themselves and show they can adapt their style and approach in becoming even more effective managers.

Personal Impact and Influence

The main highlights of this one-day course are gaining an awareness of your own style of influence as well understanding and navigating organisational dynamics and politics.

The key skill of motivating others is also addressed and this involves an awareness of, and acquiring practice in, the essential skills of gaining trust, dealing with difficult situations and communicating effectively.

The EQ Manager's Guide to Balancing Stress, Pressure and Performance

Stress is the body’s reaction to anything that causes it to feel threatened?

It is one of the oldest survival mechanisms. The cost of ignoring stress in a business setting is difficult to calculate. It’s vital that organisations have the knowledge to recognise and combat stress in the workplace.

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